30 years Of Quality Health Care Delivery

Medi-Moses Clinic and Herbal Centre is 30 years old. This year marks the 30th year of Medi-Moses providing the best quality health care services to its cherished stakeholders.

Over the years Medi- Moses has transformed and upgraded itself to suit our environment and the needs of our cherished customers and stakeholders as a whole. We have innovated in many phases of health provision from just the production and sales of quality herbal medications in 1993 to being a world leader in men’s health in 2023.

In our 30 years of active service provision, we have been able expand and excel in the following ways;


Medi-Moses started with Medi-Moses Beverage as its flagship product in 1993. Through quality research and innovation, over the past 30 years the company has been able to produce over thirty seven (37) products for curing and managing all types of ailments, with PROSTATCURE being the flagship product attaining much praise and recognition. Through innovation, the products have moved from being powder base to tea form and now in capsule form. New additions to the production line are toothpaste, balms, cream and oils, ensuring that we keep up to the technological and changes in taste and preference of our consumers to ensure optimum customer satisfaction


Medi-Moses in 1993, started as one man Dr. Moses Amuzu Dogbatsey selling in lorry station, door to door and the streets, to obtaining an office and sales point at trade fair, modelling it into a small clinic with just 2 employees. In 2023, after the baton was handed over to Dr. Moses Degaulle Dogbtatsey, Medi-Moses is one of the biggest clinics in the sub-region boasting of new advanced technological equipment for medical purposes. Medi-Moses has now grown into a household name and the number one prostate management facilities in the world.


Medi- Moses has over the years chalked so many accolades in Ghana and around the world. Medi-Moses has been recognized by international bodies such as Business Initiative Directorate to win awards for quality and excellence in France, USA, Germany, Switzerland, England and Dubai. The company has also been recognized in Ghana by the Pharmacy council, Ghana Business Awards, the EMY amongst various other bodies over the years.

Medi Moses will like to thank everyone involved in our success over the past 30 years including our customers, employees and distributors. We will continue to give the best quality health services for the foreseeable future with all of you involved. Thank you.