Medi- Moses Herbal Clinic and Prostate Centre had been adjudged Best Herbal Company of the Year Award to compliment its 30years of Quality Health care delivery and Products at the 6th edition of the Ghana Business Awards held at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel on Saturday night.

The tremedous award signifies the company’s stunning qualities and exceptional dedication to serve customers by providing authentic herbal products and services to all and also for being extremely respected company advocating for best business practices in the sector.

The 6th edition of the Ghana Business Awards organised by Globe Productions with support from Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture seeks to identify, honour and celebrate individuals and companies that plays a significant role in the growth and development of their business sector while recognising the key functions within the sector that promotes growth and sustainability. The awards is also a benchmarks of excellence for companies performance despite the recurring challenges.

Speaking to the media after receiving the prestigous honour, CEO of Medi- Moses Herbal Clinic and Prostate Centre,
Dr Moses Amuzu Dogbatsey
said, he is extremely grateful for such a wonderful milestone at this highest level.

He expressed his profound gratitude to his Board of Directors of the company, staff and their cherished customers who have supported the brand to this height.

” I am very glad we have won this prestigous accolade. This is indeed very good news for the brand. This will go a long way to motivate us to keep serving our customers better always”, he said.

Medi- Moses Herbal Clinic has positioned itself as a leader in its industry and also setting a benchmarks for others to follow.

The event featured renowned dignitaries such as the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon. Mustapha Ussif, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Hon. Mark Okraku Mantey, H. E Simone Giger’s, Switzerland Ambassador to Ghana, H. E Farhat Ayesha, High Commissioner for Pakistan to Ghana, H. E Emad Hanna, Egyptian Ambassador to Ghana, Jonas Claes, Deputy Head of Delegation/ Head of Political Section and EU Delegation to Ghana and many more.


Medi-Moses Clinic and Herbal Centre has in the last 30 years been performing wonders which has not only made a significant impact in the medical circles but has overwhelmed the global medical community with its discovery of a cure that deals with Benign Prostate (BPH).
Over the years Medi-Moses has transformed and upgraded itself to suit our environment and the needs of its cherished customers and stakeholders as a whole. The medical centre which started from a very humble beginning has innovated in many phases of health provision from just the production and sale of quality herbal medications in 1993 to being a world leader in men’s health in 2023.
In its 30 years of providing medical service, it has been able to expand and excel in the following ways:

• Facility
Medi-Moses started as a one-man business with Dr Moses Amuzu Dogbatsey, of blessed memory hawking his products at lorry stations, door- to-door delivery as well as street sales. He later secured an office and sales point at the Ghana International Trade Fair site modelling it into a small clinic with just two employees.
In 2013, after the baton was handed over to his son, a trained medical doctor as well as a pharmacologist, Dr Moses Degaulle Dogbtatsey, Medi-Moses was given the much needed impetus to become one of the biggest clinics in the sub-region boasting of modern technological equipment for medical purposes. Dr Dogbatsey is a trained medical doctor from the School of Medical Sciences of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), in Kumasi. He started working under the tutelage of his father, who owned the Medi -Moses Clinic and Herbal Centre, in 1993, while he was still a student of KNUST. Dr Dogbatsey came up with a specially formulated 100 per cent food supplement called PROSTACURE HERBAL TEA, used for improving urinary flow in men with BPH. The prospective study carried out in 7,000 patients between 40 and 70 years with varying degrees of enlarged prostate gland over a period of four years showed complete improvement in their BPH symptoms within two to eight weeks.
• Production
Medi-Moses started with Medi-Moses Beverage as its flagship product in 1993. Through quality research and innovation, over the past 30 years the company has been able to produce over 37 products for curing and managing all types of ailments with PROSTATCURE being the flagship product attaining international acknowledgement and recognition. Through innovation, the products have gone through rigorous transition from powder-base to tea bag and now in capsules. Some new additions to the production line are toothpaste, balms, creams and oils, ensuring that the facility keeps up with the technological and changes in taste and preference of our consumers to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. Medi-Moses has now grown into a household name and the number one prostate management facility in the world.

• Accolades
Medi- Moses has over the years chalked so many accolades in Ghana and around the world. Medi- Moses has been recognized by international bodies such as Business Initiative Directorate to win awards for quality and excellence in France, USA, Germany, Switzerland, England and Dubai. The company has also been recognized in Ghana by the Pharmacy Council, Ghana Business Awards, the EMY amongst various other bodies over the years.
Medi Moses is grateful to everyone involved in its success over the past 30 years including its customers, employees and distributors. The medical Centre aspires to give the best quality health services in the foreseeable future.
Prostate enlargement is a common illness which affects mainly men due to their biological composition or make up. Research shows that Prostate enlargement in itself is normal as a man ages, but becomes dangerous when it gets to the stage of cancer.
One medical feat chalked up by a Ghanaian medical officer and plant medicine specialist, Dr Dogbatsey, which has overwhelmed medical practitioners and manufacturers of orthodox medicine in the western world is the cure for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) or an enlarged prostate gland. This medical breakthrough, recorded by the Medi­Moses Prostate Centre at the Adentan Old Barrier in Accra, has earned Dr Dogbatsey, the proprietor of the health facility, international recognition for his outstanding contribution to the healthcare sector. He has accordingly been honoured with several international awards, including the International Arch of Europe Quality Award (IAE) during the majestic ceremony held in Frankfurt, Germany in 2013. The ceremony was attended by representatives from 178 countries with outstanding credentials within the business and diplomatic communities. The essence of the award was a symbol of commitment to leadership, technology and innovation, making the recipients models for others in their respective sectors.

• Improvement
The herbal treatment using PROSTACURE HERBAL TEA led to a remarkable improvement in symptoms of BPH, such as straining or difficulty in urination, incomplete voiding or unable to empty the bladder, frequent urge to urinate, hesitancy, intermittence or interruption in urine flow, weak stream of urine flow and frequent urination, especially at night. PROSTACURE has seen many improvements from being a Tea to Capsules, to suit the life style of the people over the years. The most novel finding is the drastic reduction in the size and weight of the prostate gland to the normal weight of 40 grams and below, within two to eight weeks of treatment using Prostacure.
PROSTACURE also enhanced libido and sexual function after treatment. This is especially good news for men who have tried conventional therapies for BPH and experienced a decline in sex drive and performance accordingly. To add to the collections of effective 100% formulated herbal medicines, Dr Dogbatsey has introduced PROSTACURE ‘X’AND AFROMOSES AND MEDI­ PLUS CAPSULES, which has gone through thorough research and approved by the Food and Drugs Authority. The combination of PROSTACURE ‘X’, AFROMOSES AND MEDI-PLUS is a power pack for men with sexual weakness and prostate problems. Dr Dogbatsey said women could not be left out in the fight to illnesses that affects them be it natural or inherited. He therefore, introduced FEMACURE’X’ CAPSULES which is undoubtedly a woman’s best friend.

• Solutions
According to Dr Dogbatsey, it was time for Ghanaians to look within for solutions to our problems because we could have the solutions to most of the diseases in this country. We should not disregard herbs. Many people have tried the orthodox ways with no or little success but have found redemption with the herbal and/or traditional medicine. The CEO said he got interested in herbal medicine at a very tender age when he usually watched his father treat very incurable diseases that orthodox medicines could not cure, adding that while at KATH, he decided to pursue a course that would make him understand the working of herbs, how they functioned and the mechanism of that function. This desire, according to him pushed him to study plant medicine for his MPhil and he is reputed to be the first medical doctor to have done so.

• Hope
For many years, Medi-Moses Prostate Centre has been a source of hope for many people with various illnesses especially men with prostate problems. Since its introduction of free screening and awareness creation of the inevitable disease, Medi-Moses Prostate Centre has widened its scope of healthcare delivery to effectively serve its people in various ways to meet every pocket in order to help decrease or avert premature death of men during this crisis. With branches in Accra, Tema, Kumasi and soon in other regions in the country, the clinic, however, deemed it fit to set up a foundation called “MEDI-MOSES PROSTATE FOUNDATION” as part of its corporate social responsibility in other to create awareness and help men with prostate related diseases.

Good and affordable health care makes an important contribution to economic progress as healthy populations live longer, are more productive and save more. Many factors influence health status and a country’s ability to provide quality health services for its people. Health presents a challenge for all nations. Effective public healthcare systems are essential for providing care for the sick and for instituting measures that promote wellness and prevent disease. Many respected personalities and organizations graced the occasion with their support to make the dream of helping men resolve their problems during the depressing times of the inevitable prostate illness.

The new diagnostic Centre is fully equipped with ultramodern laboratory machines, ECG and X-ray machines, CT scan, digital scan, dental x-ray, ultrasound scan, Mammogram and fluoroscopy machines, a live monitoring machine to check your entire system and project it on a screen. The Diagnostic Centre operates a fully stocked supermarket and pharmacy shop with wide range of affordable and reliable herbal and orthodox medicines, as well as products and items for its cherished patients and customers.

• Success story
The success story of the clinic cannot be overemphasized. Its remarkable efforts have been honoured and rewarded with various awards both locally and internationally. In 2010, it won Excellent Performance as the best leading Urinal problem treatment in West Africa. It also won the International Arch of Europe Quality Award (Gold category) in Frankfurt – Germany. It took the World Quality Commitment Award in Paris, France the same year, 2013. It won the Award for excellence and Business Prestige (Diamond category) in New York- USA and Quality Crown Award in the United Kingdom, London in 2014.
Again, it won the International Star for Quality Award (Gold Category) in Switzerland, 2015. It picked the Ghana Entrepreneurs Award, 2016 had the Ghana Peace Award, World Changers Award by American University of Theology in Dubai. It took the award by West African Nobles Forum as lifetime achievement and was inducted into club 100 Nobles in West Africa the same year in 2017.

• Beginnings
From its humble beginnings as a small clinic in Accra, Medi-Moses Clinic and Herbal Centre has evolved into an international success story. Its hallmark of excellence, quality and commitment has been the live wire of these achievements.
It is very important to be part of this great experience and help make healthcare delivery quality, accessible and affordable to everyone. The foundation is no doubt a laudable idea to educate, create awareness and treat men with prostate related problems when they need it the most. Join this cause to help men free themselves from the shackles of prostate problems.