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PROSTACURE TEA (4pack) – Medimoses Prostate Center
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Prostacure is a natural herbal tea from Medi-Moses Prostate Centre.

The Centre, for years, has made a lot of advances in the management of prostate conditions and this has attracted a lot of international recognition and awards with the latest one being THE MAJESTIC FALCON Award for quality and excellence at Dubai, UAE.

Prostacure is the product of years of research and experience in the management of prostate disorders by Medi Moses Prostate centre. As part of reaching out to a wide number of people living with prostate disorders, further research was conducted into the centre’s major drug for the treatment of prostate disorders. The areas of research focused on the best dosage form with less gastrointestinal irritation and best absorption.

Prostacure Natural Tea is a pure 100% herbal food supplement developed based on years of extensive research and improvements for the treatment of enlarged prostate, with the added advantage of enhanced libido and sexual function after treatment.

Key Benefits

  • Helps to improve urination in men with enlarged prostate (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) – BPH
  • Prostacure shrinks enlarged prostate gland within 12 weeks
  • Helps to support and maintain a healthy prostate
  • Helps to support and maintain healthy sexual function in men
    Supports healthy urine flow
  • Helps maintain healthy bladder control
  • Helps to support healthy reproductive health in men
  • Prostacure natural food supplement improves urine flow
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